Investigations into JFK's murder revealed a massive CIA assassination program involving the covert use of biological weapons. What can this tell us about the origins of COVID-19?
Join me in D.C. for a screening of The Assassination & Mrs. Paine, a new film featuring Sue Wheaton of
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No mention of Ralph Baric, Fort Detrick, Event 201, pre-COVID Moderna coronavirus patents & vaccines, USAID & DoD funding, the Fauci-Farr cover-up, U.S…
In 1975, if Cheney hadn't covered up Korean War anthrax attacks, could he have gotten away with the anthrax attacks of 2001?
Koch's Relationship with Moderna’s Robert Langer Reveals His Role in the Plandemic
Is Fauci’s gain-of-function H5N1 bird flu in Ukraine
Is Koch paying Stossel to attack the anti-GMO movement?
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James Lyons-Weiler
Vaccine Rights
Vaccine Rights
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