It also occurs to me that tens of thousands of employees work for public health agencies at the federal, state and local levels. Of this huge number of bureaucrats, I wonder how many of these people also had Covid symptoms that pre-date official Covid? It never occurred to any of these people they might have had Covid? How many of this group went and got a flu test when they were sick? What were the results?

Same with the 535 members of Congress and governors and mayors. None of them ever thought: "Hmm, I might have had this virus too." How many of these previously sick people didn't develop Covid symptoms in the 12 months after official Covid?

Anyway, there should have been enough people who thought this to at least consider the hypothesis the virus was spreading in America before "latter January" 2020. Did any of these employees or politicians tell their bosses they should test this hypothesis - perhaps by testing archived Red Cross blood for antibodies?

Personally, I think this idea must have been broached by at least a few public health employees... and was rejected by the top officials who could have pursued this area of investigation. Needless to say, these people haven't spoken out about any conversations they may have had along these lines.

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Sen Burr is from North Carolina...

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I've always been of the opinion that SARS-COV-2 was engineered in a computer system. Thanks to your diligence, FELIX is my new top contender for the elusive "intermediate host" - and this adds another reason to be doubtful about the role of Broad Institute's Alina Chan.

Also, what's up with the eye doctor connection in this theatre? There was the young Wuhan "whistle-blower" doctor who died, I think Li-Meng Yan was/is an opthalmologist? and this week I spotted a Dr Lee tweeting crazy long threads about his 73 page warning being ignored by Fauci and Collins. Just bad optics? :D

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Anyone who doubts they want to chip everyone should listen to Arron Russo's last interview (he "died" shortly afterward) where he discusses Mark Rockefeller approaching him about joining an "elite" group that planned on doing just that.



Covid 19 vaccine damage repair protocols:


Vitamin D for cancer:


Microphage treatment for cancer:


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You will be interested in the bioweapons Australia is currently creating. Vaccines appear to be rather exempt from controls. https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/australias-gain-of-function-research

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Excellent Article.

Of course the virus was lab developed, and intentionally released, in a False Flag, Blowback Operation to point the finger at China.. Watch the first season of 'Condor' for an example which predates the release of the virus at the Military Athlete Games that were held in... Wuhan, China, at the same time as the Agenda 21 meeting. A sufficient amount of the virus could have been concealed in a small atomizer, of perfume, throat spray, many options, and released from a hotel window, a car...

Turns out the virus is only half as deadly as the annual flu, and killed about 30,000 people in the US. The numbers were greatly inflated in a campaign of fear to convince people to take the mRNA injections, which have killed between 1,236,929 and 3,000,000 people in the US. These numbers are greatly under reported and denied. The number of people that will die from injuries from the injections in the next 10 years will far exceed that.

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Check out La Quinta Columna´s latest.

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Yawn. No new info

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